The next question you ask could unlock the door you’ve been knocking on for years, or slam that same door shut. We understand the power of the perfect question. Our Disciplined Listening Method integrates the core components of the world’s leading non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques with current business communication best practices and research. This innovative approach provides executives with new perspectives, tools and approaches to increase their awareness, obtain more information, make better decisions and reach improved agreements. Contact Inquasive and experience the advantage.

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It’s Not My Fault – A Disciplined Listening Approach

* The following perspectives were taken from Michael Reddington’s presentation at DisruptHR 3.0 in Charlotte, NC on 4/25/18.   We’ve all felt it before.  The emotional combustion that results from our of our hearts pounding in our chests, our lungs gasping for more oxygen, our faces turning bright red and an eloquent string of curse […]

Maximizing Mentorship

Heavy lies the crown. Success brings many rewards and many responsibilities. One of the greatest responsibilities your success bestows upon you is passing everything you’ve learned on to others who are eager to develop their careers. The very best leaders don’t see the next generation as a threat, withhold information and force their teams to […]


At first glance the task appeared impossible. As the Regional Director Dave had been operating by his own rules for nearly two decades. He had a well-earned reputation for being a coercive leader who consistently seemed to demand more from his team, while offering less support. Dave’s approach was fortified by the fact that his […]